"I don’t know about that class, but maybe she can teach ones about meditation and how to access past lives without needing to be near killed, knocked out or anything else like that. Which is generally how I’ve found things out. Aderyn’s way of seeing things seems awfully painful too though, so I don’t know." Becky rambled and gave Caelum a little wink back. "I think he was stuck on the princess, knowing he wasn’t good enough for her." She let out a girly giggle thinking it was ridiculous that she would ever be too good for anyone, let alone her husband. 

Vivian listened as Becky rambled. She had always been impressed that her friend could talk so much without needing to take a breath. It was an impressive skill to be sure.

"I think that sounds like an even better idea. Besides, meditation is supposed to be calming and healing and all that jazz." Vivian said, contemplating the idea of actually exploring possible past lives.

"Aye, I’m sure you’re right, Dove. She was above his station yet he could never stop thinking about her." Caelum kissed Becky’s cheek as she giggled. His wife could be simultaneously cute, sexy, and gorgeous in his opinion.

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"You know, with your sister being magic, maybe you are deep down too and you can find out about past lives and stuff. Maybe when this is over Jenora can do classes or something. I still want to know more about me and this one. Especially the one where he’s ye old smuggler grumpy pants." Becky giggled. She was very curious still about there past lives, there was still so much unknown about them. 

"If Jenora can teach a ‘Magic For Dummies’ kind of class, I’m in. I mean, as far as I can tell I’ve got no magic. Ninianne was either the muggle born witch in our family line or I’m the Squib in our family line." Vivian said, shrugging slightly. She had a hard time believing she had any magical abilities, but then again before all of this she didn’t even know she had a twin.

"I knew you were hooked on that pirate smuggler, Dove." Caelum teased Becky with a wink. He was curious about exploring their past lives as well. Perhaps something in them held the key to their future in this life.

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"I guess if we’re meant to cross again we will. Like we have before." Becky smiled softly up at Caelum and he leaned down to brush a brief kiss against her lips. Becky looked over at Vivian. "Do you think you’ve had any lives linked to people before? Maybe….Llew?" Becky knew she was being a bit cheeky, but she really like Llew and Vivian together, they were so sweet in the way they looked at each other. 

Vivian shook her head before answering. “I can’t say that I do. It would be interesting to see if there was a way for me to find that out.” She had been intrigued by the idea that she too could have past lives ever since she learned of Becky’s and Caelum’s. Finding out who had been a part of them made her even more curious.

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"I was just thinking of the others we have lost, like Leantria."

"Who is Leantria?" Vivian asked.

"She was the Fae Queen, Roibon and Aderyn’s mother. The darkness took her over before any of us knew, she tried to bewitched me into having Roibon’s babies, she tortured Aderyn in the dungeons…the Queen was dead before that and just used by the dark. I was just thinking how happy Leantria, the real one, would have been that we were pregnant." Becky smiled up at Caelum and placed a hand on her stomach. They had lost so much but there was new life, Odette and their twins, and there would be more children across the realms. 

Caelum smiled back at Becky, his larger hand covering hers as it rested on her stomach. "I’m sure wherever her soul is, she’s happy for us, Dove. Who knows? She may have even been reborn as someone we or the twins will come to know and love."

"That’s a nice sentiment, Caelum." Vivian murmured. It was nice to think that those that had been lost would come back again, even if you wouldn’t know who they were. If reincarnation was something that everyone experienced, then Vivian hoped Reese was already having another go round on this mortal coil. 

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"I’m so sorry." Becky took her former boss’s hand between her own and patted it gently. "You never even got any time with her to know who she was with her soul. Maybe in another life you two will find each other again and get to connect as sisters." Becky gave her a warm smile hoping that could be the case, Vivian was so lovely, she deserved to have a real sister who wasn’t consumed by a dark power that crushed out anything else. Becky found the whole thing strange, she just knew what she’d suffered, and she knew how a person could be lost behind the dark. 

A few stray tears crept into Becky’s eyes as she thought about the Fae Queen, Leantria. She would have been so happy with the news of babies. 

Vivian smiled as Becky patted her hand. “That’s so sweet of you, thank you. I like the idea of us getting another chance to be sisters in another life. Hopefully things will turn out a lot better.” She frowned slightly as she saw the tears in Becky’s eyes. “Are you alright?”

Caelum noticed the tears as well, and gently rocked his wife in his arms. He felt her sadness through their bond, but considering everything that had gone on, he was at a loss to pinpoint the exact cause of her tears.

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"Watch it or I’ll work my magical crocheting powers on you." Jenora waggled her fingers at Caelum before taking her leave of them to find Roibon and the others and reassure them that Becky was okay. She would be seeking Aderyn out after that. 

Becky giggled as Jenora left and snuggled back against her husband. “It is nice to see you happy with Llewellyn again, but I’m still sad for your current loss, Vivi. I can’t imagine what it feels like to be given family and have it taken away, I’m just glad she apologised for what she tried to do to you.” 

Caelum gasped dramatically. “Don’t make me a doily or a tea cozy.” He joked as Jenora left. He kept his arms wrapped around Becky, cuddling his wife as she spoke to Vivian.

"You really are the sweetest, Becky." Vivian murmured. “In all honesty, what Ninianne tried to do to me because of the darkness pales in comparison to what she did to so many other people. In comparison I really don’t have much room to bemoan her treatment of me. I do miss her, though, oddly enough. It was like that whole twin bond thing activated when her soul was restored, but didn’t really hit me until she showed up.”

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"Caelum…" Becky couldn’t help but blush, but also couldn’t help but enjoy it. Even if she felt all strange from what Aderyn had done to her, she would never not enjoy the touch of her husband or the fact that out of all the women in existance it was she he wished to nuzzle and nibble.

"Cheesy isn’t a bad thing." Jenora smiled and patted Vivian’s shoulder. "To be given a second chance to know love is a wonderful thing and to find someone who heals the hurts of the past and gives you a future to look forward to is a blessing." 

Jenora wiped her hands on her pants before standing. “And on that note I should go and find my blessing and find out our next moves before he rides off for the castle and leaves me sitting at home with my knitting.”

"Becky…" Caelum said, a chuckle in his voice. He knew his wife was still not feeling one hundred percent yet, but he would do whatever it would take to help her feel better. His annoyance at Aderyn spiked when he thought about how the seer could have harmed his wife and their unborn babies.

Vivian smiled at Jenora as she patted her shoulder. “I do believe you’re right. When all of this is over we’ll have to take some time to enjoy our second chances properly.”

Caelum chuckled slightly as Jenora stood. "I’m sure he won’t leave you to your knitting. You’re more of a crocheting kind of gal." He teased with a cheeky grin.

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"We might need to get them a room if this continues." Jenora teased waving her hand toward Caelum as he nibbled his wife. 

"Oh you hush." Becky turned even redder at that and had to look down. Jenora chuckled and turned her attention back to Vivian.

"I’ve known Llewellyn many years now, and he is very clearly taken with you. I am glad you have made him smile again." 

Caelum chuckled and nibbled his blushing wife again. "I can’t help it. My wife is the tastiest woman in all the lands."

Becky giggled and playfully swatted at Caelum, though she moved her head so he could nibble her neck with ease.

Vivian found herself giggling as well before smiling at Jenora. "He’s made me smile again as well. I think Llewellyn and I have helped each other mend out broken hearts, as cheesy as that probably sounds."

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"I would imagine that this war will be ending soon, and we can all have some rest." Jenora said. "In fact I will insist you two especially stay away from any further fighting and if I can manage it, your men will remain with you too. I have an in with one of the princes. I should be able to do it."

Becky giggled. “I could say something very rude right now but then I’ll blush and gross myself out a little bit because he’s basically my brother…”

Even without saying it Becky still blushed, she couldn’t help herself. She squeezed Vivian’s hand gently though. “Catching our breath does sound good and I’m sure you will like to have more time with Llewellyn, he’s so sweet on you.” 

Caelum grinned at Jenora. "I would be happy to make sure my Dove is safe while also helping the healers when I can." He had been practicing his ability, his stamina increasing over time. He felt like he really was helping nowadays since he didn’t get as weak as he used to after using his gifts for such a short period of time.

Caelum chuckled and nipped Becky’s neck as she blushed. His Dove was always gorgeous when she blushed.

Vivian blushed when Becky mentioned Llewellyn was sweet on her. "I’m pretty sweet on him, too. He’s a really great guy." She smiled at Becky as Caelum acted all cutesy with his wife. "Can I get you anything?"

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"Oh, that’s so sad." Becky couldn’t imagine what that must be like, while she knew what it was like to live with a part of her past missing, having a piece of your heart or soul missing…that must be truly devastating. "What ever you need me to do I’ll do it." 

Really there probably wasn’t a lot she could do. She leaned in against Caelum and relaxed with his arms around her, she always felt so safe in his arms. Becky couldn’t remember how everything ended, all that power in her had made her go funny when the light started. She wanted to ask exactly what happened but with Vivian here it might not be good to bring it up and upset her. 

Tears pricked Vivian’s eyes, though she loathed the idea of crying in front of Becky. The poor dear had been through enough as it was. “You’re really the best, Becky. I think you and I just need some time to relax together and catch our breath.”

Caelum nodded as he held his wife. "That sounds like a good idea, Dove. You could use some relaxation, especially after today." He nuzzled his nose against her neck, so grateful that she hadn’t been taken from him.

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