Aderyn turned from her brother as Vivian giggled. She hid her smile at the way that Llewellyn and Vivian looked at each other. Their emotions radiated out from them and Aderyn had to steady herself. This was another reason she spent so much time alone, it was so hard to keep out all the people around her, especially those strong of soul. All the players in this game were strong of soul. 

"My apologies, Mistress Vivian. How might we assist you, do you require sustenance? Time to rest? I am sure this is a most grueling time for you." She looked so much like the woman who had been in the throne room but they were so different and not just because of the colour of their eyes, there was something else, the way about them, they seemed like opposite sides of the same coin.  

Vivian looked at Llewellyn, and was captivated by his blue eyes. She wished she could stare in to them all day for they seemed to have a lot of hidden depth. She cleared her throat and looked away when she realized she had indeed been staring. “You are too kind, Sir”, she murmured softly. "I won’t hold us up, though. If you all have a plan for us to leave, then I will do whatever it takes. My cousin must be out of her mind with worry right now."

Roibon stared at Ninianne’s twin, trying to see in to her soul. She was truly different than her sister. He could see why Ninianne disliked Vivian. He shifted slightly, blinking, wondering where that thought had come from. “We need to move fast”, he muttered gruffly.

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Aderyn knew already what had happened, she had seen it. She knew the paths that could be walked now and only Roibon could decide which he would take. It was the curse that she could not interfere, or she was not meant to. “Do not trust her lies, trust only your heart. Jenora loves you and aches as you do.” It was all she would say on the matter, she had her own decisions to make now, her own sacrifices. 

"You are beautiful." Llewellyn stammered and then averted his eyes. "My name is Llewellyn and I am your servant." He felt his heart constrict and ache at the sudden way he was drawn to this woman, he felt that he dishonoured his wife to even feel this. 

Aderyn’s gift should never surprise Roibon, but occasionally it did. He blinked before he blue eyes focused on her. "I trust in the truth", was all he said of the matter. He knew how things were, and how he had to proceed from now on. Aderyn may see things, but he had to live through them.

Vivian’s cheeks warmed up, a sure sign that she was blushing. She watched the man as he averted his own gaze. "It’s a pleasure to meet you, Llewellyn. My name is Vivian." She let out a nervous laugh, quelling it when the others looked at her oddly. “I’m sorry. All of this has frazzled my nerves a bit.” Llewellyn was a handsome man, and she found herself drawn to her. Guilt filled her at the thought. Reese wasn’t gone that long, and she was already thinking another man handsome?

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Aderyn in truth did not wish to stay but in every vision she was here so she knew that here was where she must remain. She looked up as the door opened and her brother and Llewellyn walked in. Roibon looked awful and there were dark smudges across his aura. 

"Brother? What did you she do to you?" Aderyn stood and rushed to her brother, hands cupping his face as she looked into his eyes trying to find the source of the smudges. 

Llewellyn had been about to greet the princess when his eyes fell on what must be Ninianne’s twin. Again his chest grew tight, his breath hitched in his throat as he gazed upon the beauty, but this time when he met the eyes he did not feel disgust, in fact he felt a warmth settle through him like warm sunlight and he stood staring, his words of greeting frozen on his tongue. 

Roibon blinked and carefully removed Aderyn’s hands from his face. "She did little to me, sister. Ninianne wanted to get me angry, she was not successful." He made his voice as calm as possible, not letting on how he felt when their evil visitor had touched him. For some reason he knew that had to be kept secret.

"I’m fine. Really, I am."

Vivian swallowed hard as the doors opened, Aderyn moving over to her brother at once. The man with him stopped and stared at Vivian. Staring back, she swallowed again before finding her voice. "I’m almost tempted to ask if I had anything on my face. Other than an uncanny resemblance to the evil woman who just stormed the castle that is." She joked, feeling a bit lame for it.

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"I think many of us wish that, but what is done is done and now we must work to make things right once more, it will be seen if we can save her or if she must be defeated." Aderyn looked off into space for a moment as she cast her mind through her visions. "As for what you can do, I believe that your place in the fight will not be within these walls. The kingdom will not be saved from within now, I think you must go to those who are our allies. There you will also find your friends." 

Vivian felt conflicted over just the idea of possibly having to kill Ninianne. Granted she was evil, and would probably kill Vivian herself if she didn’t want her to be a baby factory, but she was her very own flesh and blood. She frowned as she listened to Aderyn. “You’ll come with me, won’t you? It doesn’t seem safe for you here.” Her frown deepened as the young woman shook her head. "I am needed here", Aderyn explained, looking confident despite the dark circles under her eyes.

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"Why is Ninianne your sister?" Aderyn smiled kindly. "I do believe that is because you share parents." She teased lightly to try and make the young woman smile. "As for her story I have not been shown all of it but I have been shown more than many. When you were born there was as always portents and prophecies. The dark was invading your world and it stole Ninianne away, attempts were made to rescue her and nothing was successful, in the end your family was forced to flee. She fought the darkness as it tried to take her. She had become a woman before the darkness slipped into her soul. There was a tragedy and through the hate and anger and grief it slipped within her heart and soul and twisted her as a demon might. I do not know if she is lost forever, it is not like it was with my mother, her soul was no driven out, it was tainted and twisted and now she is their Queen and leader as they come to this world and try to take it and yours. I do not know what tragedy befell Ninianne, only that it involved the man she loved with all her heart and with him gone she was weak enough to be changed. It is now something we all fight, we all suffer grief." Aderyn looked down at her hands and blinked her eyes. "I am sorry, you probably do not know, our mother, the Queen, she was taken by the darkness and lost to us. Our father ails now and I have no doubt he will join our mother in the Summerlands." 

Vivian laughed softly at Aderyn teased her. She really liked this young woman. She was strong, kind, and funny. Vivian frowned as she listened to the story. Though she had every right to resent Ninianne, she also felt very sorry for her sister. "I wish I had known of her existence", Vivian murmured before feeling her heart break for Aderyn. "Oh, I am so very sorry. I cannot imagine the pain you and your brother are going through." Though she had her own grief to deal with, she felt as if it paled in comparison to what the people of this realm were going through.

"What can I do to help here? As much as I desire my freedom, I also want to help fight the darkness."

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"My sister is truly a wondrous light in this world and we will need her light, as we will need yours too." Aderyn patted Vivian’s hand. "You need not worry for my suffering, though you are kind to. I am a survivor." Aderyn did not wish to have people worry for what she had endured, she was used to dealing with her problems on her own and she did not think she knew how to reach out and share that burden any longer. "You must have so many questions, will you allow me to help answer them? It might help you to understand."

Vivian smiled kindly at Aderyn. "I can see you’re a survivor, but that doesn’t mean I won’t worry. No one deserves to suffer as badly as it seems you are suffering." She bit her lip as she thought of what she might ask this kind young woman. A million questions went through her head. She should start with the basics first though. "Why will you need my light? And why is Ninianne… my sister.." She stopped, shaking her head in disbelief. "Why is she so evil? What happened to her?"

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Sonya left the church after the service, she was deep in thought and barely said anything to anyone as she headed for her car.

She was not a deeply religious person, that is, she was spiritual but not overly tied to the establishment nor the way some interpreted the words. Mainly she just tried to live a good life, that afforded others the chance to do the same. Since her flatline experience she was even less impressed with the way some acted in the name of religion.

Today had her thinking about rebirth and transformation, in most ways that was what she had been given, she had risen from the dead, okay she’d only been dead for a short while, but she had been dead. What was she going to do with her life now, how was she going to transform and live her life. What did she want?

Really she could achieve anything she wanted if she tried hard enough, that was the thing though wasn’t it? Trying hard enough, putting the effort in. She, like many, was inherently lazy and very easy to distract. How was she going to achieve anything if she did not put the effort in. This was the time for it wasn’t it. There had been a full moon, an eclipse and now the ultimate time of transformation, Easter. 

It was time to become who she was meant to be. But what was she meant to be? 

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I think you mean the pretty evil one…

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"You sound like Becky." Aderyn smiled kindly at the woman and poured her some water, handing it over as she guided her to sit down by the fire. "I am sorry that you have suffered the loss of love, but the pain will not always consume you." Aderyn took a seat as well, the flames from the fire warming her, she felt like she needed it, she felt like she was always chilled to the bone constantly since this had all begun.

Vivian beamed at Aderyn as she accepted the water. "Thank you. That is the best compliment you could pay me because Becky truly is the kindest soul I have ever met." She sighed as she sat by the fire with Aderyn. "Thank you", she murmured quietly. "At times I forget he’s gone." She glanced at her companion, a frown turning her mouth downward. "You’ve been so kind to me, yet I can tell that you’ve been through Hell yourself."

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